Company Policy
The development, production and marketing of products and services in the area of framing and decoration through sustainable growth and based on the satisfaction of all stakeholders.

The company's growth through innovation and supply of new decoration products and services and expansion into new markets, supported by the monitoring of market development and its economic, social and environmental sustainability.

1. Team Spirit
2. Flexibility
3. Creativity
4. Professionalism

Management Policy:
- compliance with all the requirements applicable to its processes and services;
- focus on the customer by increasing their satisfaction and exceeding their expectations;
- the establishment of partnerships with suppliers and clients, national and international, that allow the development of the business, the promotion of cooperation and trust and the sustainable development of the activities;
- achieving continuous improvement of the effectiveness of its management system;
- prevention and control of pollution from the company's processes, by establishing environmental practices that minimize potential environmental impacts;
- the preservation and balance of the environment through the consumption and trade of forest products from sustainably harvested forests and adherence to the standards of the Forest Stewardship Council ® (FSC*), as well as their promotion and dissemination;
- the promotion of its employees by improving working conditions based on good safety, hygiene and health at work practices, their active participation in the various activities and their ongoing training.

* As not all of our products are certified if you need not hesitate to ask us about our FSC products.

FSC license code (FSC-C011909)