About us
The company Moldartpóvoa was established in 1990, in response to a strong market demand, and a natural expansion from the founding company established by Sr. João Marques in 1976.
Initially devoted to the production and sale of paintings and decorative mouldings in polyurethane sooner we realize the needs of this market.

To meet this shortfall we produce mouldings in wood and painted canvas that due to the strong impact they have created, fostered the development of the frame rod.

Due to the inability of supply of raw material by our national suppliers, it became necessary to import it. With the import and management of these stocks also began the selling of these products to the national market. This offer caused the restructuring of the commercial department, which contributed to the company's strategic realignment. Coupled with this, two changes in Moldartpóvoa were made: at the company's distribution, with increasing definition of routes and fleet; in commercial level, with the provision not only of moulding in stick but also of equipment, consumables, special training and technical assistance.

Moving to new, larger and modern production facility, was testimony to the ongoing investment and dedication of management, to providing the highest quality products and services. The new premises consiste of a total area of 26,000 m², with a covered area of no less 18,000 m². In keeping with the family character of the firm, due interest and investment was given human resources.

The company’s unparalleled reputation on the national and international market, lead to partnership agreements with internationally reputable companies, which in turn enabled us to supply more than 8000 products.