international market
Along with business development comes the need for internationalization, which led the Moldartpóvoa to grow to a more competitive market.
Currently about 46% of sales and 68% of purchases of Moldartpóvoa are from their activity with the international market. Regarding imports, the trade goes through Spain, Italy and Germany, as in exports, goes to Africa, France, Germany, Britain, Belgium, Sweden and Czech Republic.

Our internationalization is visible in the European market and also in the decoration of the hospitality market, as it could be observed in several hotels: the "Holiday Inn" in Belgium (Brussels and Leuven) and France (Charles De Gaulle Airport, La Villette , Orly Airport, Velizy, Strasbourg), the "Accor - Hotel Sofitel Vieux" in Marseille, the "Club Med Albion” in Mauritius, the " All Seasons " in Evry (Burgundy region), the " Center Parcs " in "Lac D'Ailette" in France and the apartment "Adagio City" in France (Strasbourg, Paris Montrouge, Caumartin Paris, St. Etienne Rhone-Alpes), Switzerland (Bale), Austria (Vienna), Germany (Berlin) Belgium (Brussels).